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I have always been very close to pearl jewelry since childhood. A few years ago, when I found my old box full of forgotten beads, it was a real treasure for me. With full joy and memories of my childhood, I started making the first bracelets, which I then gave to all my friends. 

After several months of work, I finally found the answer to the question of my loved ones, "What will you do with so much jewelry?" I decided to make a special collection of jewelry, from which I will send the ENTIRE AMOUNT (without VAT and shipping costs) to the Ondrášek hospice in Ostrava. They help terminally ill adults and children to spend their last days in dignity and at home. In almost a year and a half, we sent over 200,000 CZK to their aid account. You can find the entire jewelry collection here.

The pearl and beads jewelry is handmade from a various beads of the Czech brand Preciosa, Japanese Miyuki, Parisian Les perles par Puca or also minerals, real pearls and Chinese glass beads. I pay great attention to the quality of every component in the jewelry, which is why I decided to use only stainless steel clasps, which are gold-plated in the gold version.


At my jewelry brand, I personally curate a collection of full stainless steel bracelets and rings. I am dedicated to ensuring that every piece meets the highest standards of quality. I understand the significance of maintaining a beautiful golden appearance even after months of wearing, even during showers. That's why I carefully select components that are of exceptional quality, guaranteeing their longevity. You can trust that my stainless steel jewelry will continue to shine brilliantly, allowing you to enjoy its exquisite beauty for many months to come. 

The Aura Collection


Ever since I was little, I always looked for interesting shops where pearls and beads of various kinds were sold. This hobby has not left me even in adulthood, and my first steps in a foreign country always go to these places. The first jewelry under the name "the Aura Collection" was created from minerals and beads obtained from Barcelona and Israel. And it was in Israel that I found valuable beads in the old city of Jerusalem, where a salesman was selling them in his small shop not far from the Western Wall.  I believe that stones carry a special energy that is famous for their place and pass this energy on. The jewelry is complemented by real pearls and each piece is an original, only one made.


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